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Coin A Day Challenge

Reported by on 3/13/19

From March 14thth – 21st our school is participating in a grade-level coin drive called the Coin-a-Day Challenge.

If you have loose coins hiding under couch cushions, floor mats, in pants pockets, or the bottom of your bag, put them to good use by giving students more access to books they’ll want to read! Our school will use the donations to purchase books from our book fair for school libraries and families in our community in need. This means the money goes right back into our fair, our school, and we get to help others. It’s a win-win!

Here’s the schedule:
• Penny Day is Thursday, March 14th: Pluck all those pennies you can find!
• Nickel Day is Friday, March 15th: Search all over and ask nicely for nickels!
• Dime Day is Monday, March 18th: Double check the couch cushions for dimes!
• Quarter Day is Tuesday, March 19th: Quickly find those quarters and bring them in!
• Any Coin Day is Wednesday and Thursday, March 20th – 21st: Bring in any donation you can. Every coin/dollars means we get to help kids get books to read and supports our school’s book fair!

Happy Reading!
Mrs. Vieira

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