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LMC Policies

Student Expectations

We request that all students...

    • Visit the LMC and borrow books on a regular basis. We are happy to see students visit us every day.
    • Come to the LMC with a purpose in mind (book return, check-out, research, AR, etc.), a determined length of time and with permission from a teacher.
    • Check out books that are appropriate for their age and reading ability. The LMC staff is happy to help.
    • Be courteous and speak softly, so as not to disturb others.
    • Walk to and in the LMC as quietly as possible. Please avoid walking through the LMC. Students especially need to be aware when traveling to and from lunch and recess.
    • Help keep the books in the LMC in order by using a shelf marker. If a book is not selected, return it to its original location on the shelf. Once a selection is made, put the shelf marker in the storage container.
    • Ask for help when it is desired or needed.
    • Take care of all LMC materials. Be sure to handle them carefully and with clean hands.
    • Report any lost or damaged items immediately to the LMC staff.
    • Be responsible and pay to replace materials that are lost or damaged while checked out to them.

Checkout Guidelines

Students check out materials for a 2 week period. Kindergarten students may check out two books at a time, First and Second Grade three books and Third through Fifth grade may check out four books at a time. ELA books and textbooks are not included in these guidelines. Students are encourage to checkout at least one book that is at his/her reading level along with books that are of interest, are for reading to younger siblings or to be read with an adult’s assistance. All students may request and renew items as needed.


Each student receives an individual library card. The cards are kept in the classrooms where it is the teacher’s responsible to explain a management program or guidelines for keeping LMC cards in the classroom. It is however, the responsibility of each student to maintain their card in good condition and to follow the set program/guildelines for each class. The LMC staff should be notified immediately if a card is lost, found or damaged.   If a card is lost, the student needs to write a note to the LMC Director requesting a new card.  The student should include his/her first and last name along with their teacher's name.  Students are given one replacement card at no cost.  If the replacement card is lost, students may purchase a new LMC card for $2. 

Overdue/Lost/Damaged Books

Overdue notices will be distributed by the LMC staff to students. These notices are then to be taken home by the student. If a student believes that he/she has returned the book, please refer them to the LMC staff. Students are expected to cover the cost of replacing a damaged or lost book. Replacement cost for a lost book will be requested after a search by the student and the LMC staff has taken place. Checkout privileges will be suspended until the replacement cost of a damaged or lost book has been received. If the lost book is later found reimbursement of the payment will be made.


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