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Welcome to the Kindergarten White Eagle Website.  Come here often to find important documents, upcoming events, assignment help and more.  Click on any topic below to find out more information regarding that topic.

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Kindergarten E-Learning Day
Click here to access the Kindergarten E-Learning Day information and activities.

Kindergarten Orientation Information

How to connect with your kindergartener and "disconnect from the tech"

Ten skills your child should know when entering kindergarten


Curriculum Information


Your child's newsletter will be sent home weekly through email from his/her teacher. This is an important communication link from the classroom. 


Sight Word Information

Kindergarten High Frequency Words (sight words)

Popcorn Word Practice Ideas (pdf doc)


Helpful Websites 


Daily summer activities to do with your incoming kindergartener


Language Arts
  • Reading: attend and respond to quality literature read orally 
  • Writing: use letters to symbolize words
  • Listening: listen to others without interrupting
  • Speaking: express thoughts and ideas in complete sentences
  • Convention/Structure: understand that letters make up words, and that words can be either printed or spoken

  • Number sense: Begin to understand our number system by identifying numerals; by counting; and by grouping
  • Geometry: Identify, sort, and draw shapes
  • Measurement: Explore measurement of length using unifix cubes; compare volumes; identify first, next and last
  • Operations and computation: Use objects to add and subtract
  • Patterns and relationships: Recognize and create patterns
  • Probability and statistics: Sort objects; make and interpret graphs


Content: participate in hands-on activities in the following areas:

  • Content: participate in hands-on activities in the following areas:
    • Astronomy: earth, moon, sun, and stars
    • Earth Science: ecology
    • Health: getting to know myself 
    • Life Science: seeds to plants 
    • Physical Science: water explorations
  • Skills:
    • predict 
    • observe
    • collect and record data
    • interpret
    • classify
    • raw conclusions
Social Studies
  • Content: study individuals and families
  • Skills: develop self-awareness; develop respect for others 


Commonly Accessed Links and Info for Students, Parents and Community