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First Grade

General Info

Welcome to the 1st Grade White Eagle Website.  Come here often to find important documents, upcoming events, assignment help and more.  Click on any resource below to find out more information regarding that topic.

Thank you,
The First Grade Team


Language Arts
  • Reading: learn to read and understand with a positive attitude
  • Writing: learn to write everyday for a variety of authentic purposes
  • Listening: listen, understand, and use oral messages
  • Speaking: express thoughts and ideas in an appropriate, meaningful manner
  • Convention/Structure: begin the use of language, particularly punctuation and capitalization
  • Spelling: begin the use of developmentally appropriate spelling strategies


  • Number sense: Understand our number system by relating, counting, and grouping
  • Geometry: Describe, model, and classify shapes
  • Measurement: Explore measurement of length using a ruler; compare volumes and weights
  • Operations and computation: Model, explain, and develop reasonable proficiency with basic addition and subtraction facts; apply problem solving strategies
  • Patterns and relationships: Recognize, describe, extend, and create a wide variety of patterns
  • Probability and statistics: Collect, construct, and read information on a graph


  • Content: participate in hands-on activities in the following areas:
    • Astronomy: introduction to the solar system
    • Earth Science: rocks to soil
    • Health: anatomy
    • Life Science: senses
    • Physical Science: color and light
  • Skills:
    • predict
    • observe
    • collect and record data
    • interpret
    • classify
    • draw conclusions

Social Studies

  • Content: study families, neighborhoods, and our country's history
  • Skills: use maps and develop cultural awareness

Extra Practice Help

Welcome to the 1st Grade Extra Practice Page. Below you will find links to various worksheets and internet resources that you can use with your first grader for extra practice or review.  We hope you find these sites and worksheets beneficial when working with your first grader. 

Thank you,
The First Grade Team

Math Worksheets

Mixed addition and subtraction

More or Less

Rounding Numbers- 10 pages

Adding Coins

Penny and Nickel:

Clock (worksheet builder)

Word Problems

Math Facts


Math Games and Activities


Batter’s Up Baseball- addition game


Dr. Brain’s Robot- addition game


Lunar Lander- addition game


AAA Math

AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. Unlimited practice is available on each topic which allows thorough mastery of the concepts. A wide range of lessons (Kindergarten through Eighth grade level) enables learning or review to occur at each individual's current level.


APlus Math

This web site helps students improve their math skills interactively.


Number Sense and Numeration


Reading Leveled Book Lists


Reading Worksheets 

Long A

Long I


Word Study

Opposites and ABC Order:




To, Too and Two:

Are or Is:

I or Me:

Reading Games

Short Vowels:



Parts of speech:

Long Vowel Patterns:

ABC Order:

Various Reading Games:

Educational games that help develop early reading skills:

Slate: Practice writing upper and lowercase letters and numbers (mouse skills)

Treasure Trove: Contractions

See 'N Spell: Spell words: short vowels, long vowels, digraphs, blends, plurals

Squigly's Apples: Ordinal words

Color Words Word Search:

Months of the Year Word Search

**Alphabet Zoo**
ABC order

Handwriting Practice 

Color words

Days of the Week


Months of the year


Enrichment Activities 

Reading Enrichment- Grades 4-6

Graphic Organizers

2nd grade Math Builder Skills

2nd grade Language Arts Builders

3rd grade Math Builder Skills

3rd grade Language Arts Builders

4th grade Math Builder Skills

4th grade Language Arts Builders  



Commonly Accessed Links and Info for Students, Parents and Community