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Second Grade

General Info

Welcome to the 2nd Grade White Eagle Website.  Come here often to find important documents, upcoming events, assignment help and more.  Click on any resource below to find out more information regarding that topic.

Thank you,
The Second Grade Team

Curriculum Information

Vacation Work Ideas
Book It Parent Letter


Language Arts
  • Reading: demonstrate fluency, comprehension and appreciation of written material
  • Writing: write complete sentences which form a story
  • Listening: attend and comprehend oral instruction
  • Speaking: communicate idea clearly and distinctly
  • Convention/Structure: demonstrate use of basic punctuation and capitalization
  • Spelling: learn spelling techniques to apply to written language


  • Number sense: Develop an ability to compare, identify, and measure numbers; develop a sense of place value
  • Geometry: Recognize features of two and three dimensional shapes
  • Measurement: Demonstrate ability to measure length, weight , and volume of real materials
  • Operations and computation: Choose the correct mathematical approach to solve problems; add or subtract numbers requiring regrouping; immediate recall of addition/subtraction facts to 20
  • Patterns and relationships: Recognize and create patterns with materials and numbers
  • Probability and statistics: Communicate when events are more, less, or equally likely to occur; collect , organize and analyze data about the physical world


  • Content: participate in hands-on activities in the following areas:
    • Astronomy: planetarium
    • Earth Science: water cycle
    • Health: nutrition
    • Life Science: life cycles
    • Physical Science: sink or float
  • Skills: predict
    • observe
    • collect and record data
    • interpret
    • classify
    • draw conclusions

Social Studies

  • Content: explore the many facets of neighborhoods and communities
  • Skills: develop citizenship, conduct research, and use maps and graphs

Extra Practice Help

The following are websites, documents and other resources second graders can use of extra practice or review.


Language Arts: Writing 
Language Arts: Reading
   -login is student's first and last name with no spaces (ex: katiesmith)
   -password is wolves
Social Studies
Coming soon!


Commonly Accessed Links and Info for Students, Parents and Community