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Fifth Grade

General Info

Welcome to the 5th Grade White Eagle Website.  Come here often to find important documents, upcoming events, assignment help and more.  Click on any resource below to find out more information regarding that topic.

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The Fifth Grade Team
Curriculum Scope and Sequence
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    Helpful Documents

  • Helpful Websites

    • Below is a list of useful websites to assist you at home for extra practice or homework assistance.  You may also want to visit the "On the Web" section (see left hand column) for more resources.

    Language Arts and Reading 








    Math Facts














    Printable Worksheets for Extra Practice



    Other Interactive Websites







  • Curriculum



    Language ARts

    READING: Vocabulary, Comprehension, Fluency, Literature studies, Novel studies, genre, Harcourt Anthologies

    • Figurative language
    • Context clues
    • Identify author’s main idea and purpose
    • Make text to text connections
    • Summarize ideas
    • Ask and respond to open ended questions
    • Theme, plot, characters, setting
    • Relate to prior knowledge, experience, and real world information



    • Multi paragraph compositions that include an introduction, support, and   
    • Use transitional words and phrases to connect ideas
    • Using a variety of sentence structures
    • Establish and maintain focus, organization, elaboration, support, and integration within paragraphs, demonstrating coherence
    • Compose informational (expository), narrative, persuasive, and descriptive 
      modes of writing that support a topic or thesis statement
    • Design a research paper
    • Proofread, revise and edit for content and conventions
    • Use available technology to design, produce, and present compositions



    • Proofread and revise accordingly
    • Correctly spell appropriate high frequency words
    • Capitalization accuracy



    • Present oral reports using correct language, nonverbal expressions and organizational format
    • Use speaking skills to participate in discussions
    • Use verbal and nonverbal skills and strategies to maintain communication and resolve conflict



    • Demonstrate the listening process by responding both 1) orally and 2) in writing in formal and informal situations
    • Ask questions and respond to questions related to oral presentations and messages in small and large groups
    • Restate and carry out a variety of oral instructions



    Everyday Mathematics content strands include:

    • Operations and Computation
    • Numeration
    • Patterns, Functions & Algebra
    • Data and Chance
    • Measurement and Reference Frames
    • Geometry


    Social Studies

    Students in fifth grade will be exposed to a chronological survey of United States history from earliest settlement to the Civil War.

    Units of Study

    ·        Unit 1: Americans and Our Environment

    ·        Unit 2: Culture West and East

    ·        Unit 3: Exploration

    ·        Unit 4: Colonization and Conflict

    ·        Unit 5: Independence and New Government

    ·        Unit 6: Expansion and Change

    ·        Unit 7: Civil War and Reconstruction



    Content: participate in hands-on activities in the following areas:

    • Astronomy: planetarium
    • Earth Science: weather
    • Health: digestion and drug education
    • Life Science: small life with a microscope
    • Physical Science: electricity and magnetism
    • Skills:
      • predict
      • observe
      • collect and record data
      • interpret
      • classify
      • raw conclusions
      • formulate hypothesis and models
      • experiment



    Commonly Accessed Links and Info for Students, Parents and Community